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How do I cite my sources?

1.  Check your assignment to see if you are using MLA or APA format.

2.  Sign up with Noodletools :

  • "new user registration"
  •  "an account linked to a school/library subscription or trial
  • School/Library user name and password will be provided to you (we can't publish it on line)
  • "I am a student or library patron"    

Noodletools connects directly to our Google docs accounts, use the app in the Google "waffle", or this link:

3.  Create a Turnitin account:

  • Click on "Create Account" in the upper right hand corner
  • Scroll down and click on "student"
  • Ask your teacher for the class ID and password
  • Fill in the rest of the information and click "I agree"
  •    Remember to write down your password in Google Docs or in your phone

4. Read the MLA 7 Basics - Easy Bib ebook, Research Project Steps, and Research Tips (under Citation Resources).

5.  Attend a Noodletools orientation either in your class or by seeing Ms. Ciotti in the library.  Noodletools helps you to cite sources, create digital notecards and an outline, and export your work to Google Docs.  More help resources can be found here:

What is Plagiarism?


Your teacher will provide you with a join code, so that you can join the class.  Follow these steps:

  1. If you do not have a Turnitin account, click create account, and choose student.
  2. Enter the class ID and enrollment password for the new class
  3. Continue filling in the requested information for your account.
  4. Click "submit" to enroll in the class and add it to the student user homepage

Student training videos are here:


What is a Primary Source?