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Animal Farm (Dr. Fox): Home

Group 1: The Pigs and Military Tactics

Information about specific wars, military conflicts, & people
Less specific information about specific wars, military conflicts, & people

Group 3: Mr. Jones and Historical Connections

Overviews, summaries, analysis, & criticism of literature 
Everyday American people's daily lives and perspectives
Global history from 1500s-today

Group 2: Benjamin and The Russian Revolution

Information about the people & events of the Russian Revolution
Specific information about the Russian Revolution

Group 4: Muriel, Clover, Laws and Government

Covers aspects of American government, including branches, rights & liberties, & foreign policy.
The people, places, & events of American history

Group 5: Mollie, Moses, and Utopian Society

Utopias in American History
  • eBook in the library's collection;
  • Has the BEST information about American utopian societies, & the associated people, successes, & failures
Find specific leaders & societies
Look up specific non-American utopian societies and leaders
*Not as much information as the other two resources