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Civil Rights Movement Resources

The OFFICIAL MLK site is:

The King Encyclopedia



Civil Rights Movement Timeline

CNN Civil Rights Timeline

Timeline 1954-1968

Center for Oral History

Murder of Emmet Till

Seattle Times Timeline


Civil Rights Documentation Project

Eisenhower-Little Rock

Dr. King-From the Birmingham Jail

I Have a Dream-Dr. King

I've Been to the Mountaintop-Dr. King

We Shall Overcome-Pres. Johnson

Pres. Kennedy-June 1963

Malcolm X Speeches-Audio




More Photos!

Library of Congress Photos

Emmet Till





Brown vs. Board of Education

Voting Rights


Historic Places

March on Washington

Montgomery Bus Boycott

Women Civil Rights Workers

1964 Civil Rights Act

Birmingham Church Bombing

The King Center

Freedom Rides

Desegregation- Library of Congress

Selma to Montgomery March

Sit-ins, Freedom Rides, and Demonstrations

The March on Washington

The Mississippi Burning Trial- U.S. vs. Cecil Price et al

BBC- On This Day in History- Civil Rights Workers Found Slain

Civil Rights in Mississippi

Conviction in 1964 Civil Rights Killings- Cornell University News Service

Civil Rights Oral History Interview Project- Washington State University

Article on the Civil Rights Commission Hearings from 1968

The FBI- Investigating Civil Rights Violations Today

Jurist Legal News and Research

The History of the NAACP


Stokely Carmichael

Fannie Lou Hamer

Coretta Scott King

John Lewis

Thurgood Marshall

The Little Rock Nine

Martin Luther King
   see also:  The King Center biography

Rosa Parks

Dr. Joachim Prinz

Bayard Rustin

Whitney M. Young, Jr.